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When autumn rolls around, changes in the weather follow closely behind. These changes, such as rain, colder temperatures or higher wind speeds, may alter how you use your home. This is why it is essential to focus on home maintenance in the fall. 

Why Fall Cleaning Is Important 

Just as spring cleaning prepares and declutters your home for the approaching summer, fall cleaning helps make sure your home is safe for the changing weather and seasonal challenges that colder months may bring. There are a few major reasons you should focus on fall cleaning when the time comes. First, spring and summer weather conditions may have caused damage to your home that must be repaired to prevent further issues. There may also be certain appliances or areas of your house you only use during fall and winter, and fall cleaning can help you ensure these facets of your property are working correctly. 

There are both long-term and immediate benefits to performing fall maintenance on your home. These include: a large lawn in front of a house

  • Lower utility costs—By making sure your home is properly insulated and repairing any damage to utility systems, the overall cost of your utility services may decrease. 

  • More affordable home insurance rates—Keeping your home in good repair can reduce the effect of normal wear and tear as well as damage from catastrophic occurrences. Thus, you may have a lower likelihood of needing to file a claim, which means that you may be able to achieve more affordable home insurance rates. 

  • Higher likelihood of receiving compensation from a claimEven if you do need to file a claim, establishing that your home is already well-kept and properly maintained can increase your chances of receiving compensation from filing a claim with your insurance company. 

Ways to Perform Fall Maintenance 

So, how can you make your home safer this autumn? There are season-specific hazards that you may want to think about when determining how best to maintain your home, such as weather damage, pest invasions or fire risks from increased energy usage and heating costs. While you can’t prevent all of these damages, you can still take steps during your fall cleaning process to reduce the risk of these hazards happening to your home. Let’s take a look at two examples. 

Create stronger seals and barriers. Your home has seals everywhere—near doors and windows, around the roof and at the home’s foundation. Seals can help keep heat inside your home when the weather is cold and can also aid in keeping pests out. Keep these systems in good shape by: 

  • Keep all gutters and drainage pipes free of debris. This helps water flow away from the home, reducing flood risk and potential strain on your home’s seals. 

  • Repair and replace portions of your roof as needed. Be sure to also focus on any other parts of your home’s structure that need repairs or replacements. 

  • Inspect your home’s foundation frequently for any cracks or damages from root penetration or water. 

  • Test the locks on your doors and windows to help ensure that pests or inclement weather cannot enter. 

  • Call a licensed pest management company to discuss effective pest control strategies.

Reduce fire risks. Autumn often brings with it an increased risk of home fires. Since you are using your heating system more to combat the falling temperatures, fire risks may increase. You may also have a fireplace in your home that you are preparing to use, which can also increase the possibility of a home fire if not used properly. Here are ways to combat these risks: 

  • Call an electrician to perform an electrical inspection. They will help ensure that all wiring is intact and performs optimally. You can also monitor your energy usage by being mindful of space heaters or other similar objects in the home that pose fire risks. 

  • Schedule an appointment with a professional to have your HVAC system serviced before you turn on your heat for the year. The type of service performed will depend on your heating system (gas, furnace, electric, etc.). 

  • Clean your fireplace and chimney system before use, if applicable. Clearing out these areas can help eliminate accumulated soot or pest deposits that may cause fires. 

Make Fall Cleaning a Priority 

Again, there is no way to guard against every possible issue your home may have during the fall and winter months. However, by following these tips and emphasizing fall cleaning, you can help make your home as safe as possible for everyone living in it and perhaps even lower costs on utilities or home insurance premiums. 
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