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Business Insurance in Des Moines IA & West Des Moines IA

No two businesses—even direct competitors—are identical. Each operation owns different assets, employs different people and processes and faces different liabilities that threaten at any time. As a result, your business will need a unique commercial insurance portfolio, which will be optimized to come to its aid against any number of significant loss scenarios. 

Here at Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. we believe in providing all of our local business partners with customized, adaptable insurance portfolios that cover all aspects of their operations. We proudly serve Des Moines, IA and the surrounding areas, and all you have to do to get customized coverage for your business is to call us. 

What Business Insurance Do You Need? 

Businesses need numerous insurance policies in order to fully insure their operations. As you work with our agents to optimize your coverage, we can ensure that each plan offers you the right benefits, in the right ways, at the right prices. 

Business Owners Policies (BOPs) 

BOPs are an easy way to get several pieces of coverage in one place and at one price. They are designed specifically for small businesses and offer essential commercial insurance components in one affordable package. They often include: 

  • Property insurance: In case something damages physical property like your building or possessions, this coverage can help you repair or replace them. 
  • General liability protection: Covers the business in case it causes property damage or bodily injuries to another party, like a client or vendor. 
  • Interruption coverage: Helps you pay the bills in case you must temporarily close after a damaging accident. 

Each BOP differs. Some will offer expanded coverage add-on options like cyber liability or professional liability insurance. Ask your agent about the specifics of your policy. 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Do you own a vehicle specifically for the business? Do you use your personal car on official business travel? If so, commercial auto insurance will insure your business’s investment risk in operating vehicles. 

Some of the coverage in these policies might include: 

  • Liability insurance: Your state will often require all drivers to carry this coverage. If a policyholder is at-fault for an accident, coverage can compensate third parties for their injuries, property damage or other settlements. 
  • Collision coverage: Pays for damage to your own vehicle after an accident. 
  • Comprehensive insurance: Pays for damage to your vehicle after non-accident damage. Covered incidents might include vehicle fires, theft, vandalism and weather damage. 
  • Uninsured/underinsured protection: If another driver causes damage to you, they might not have adequate liability insurance. This coverage can pay the costs that person might owe you. 
  • Medical coverage: If you get hurt, this coverage can pay for your medical costs. 

Depending on the type of business and vehicles you operate, you might need other coverage, like inland marine, cargo or trailer protection. Ask your agent about any coverage more specific to your industry. 

Workers’ Compensation 

Workers’ compensation extends to the needs of employees who get hurt or sick on the job. It essentially works to supplement the income the affected parties might lose because of the accident. With coverage, an affected employee might get help with medical bills, rehab costs and other financial needs. That can help better ensure their recovery and eventual return to work. 

E&O Insurance 

Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage extends to professional mistakes made by the business or its employees. If your clerical errors, professional advice or other factors harm a client financially, they can make a claim on this coverage. Therefore, you’ll be able to settle with the client for their losses. This coverage is often recommended for lawyers, doctors, CPAs and others who work in professional services. 

Here When You Need Us 

At, Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we are here to help you when you need help with your commercial insurance package. You’ll always get effective coverage at the appropriate prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote!