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Business & Marketing Intern

Unlike many internships, the Bishop White Internship Program does not have a definitive end date. The program will begin once a candidate has been selected, and the intern will operate indefinitely as a regular associate of Bishop White Insurance. The program will terminate at whatever date the intern and the company agree to, mutually or individually, or at such time as the intern is promoted to higher levels of responsibility within the Bishop White organization.

The Business & Marketing Intern role is divided into two major components.

Part A) Business tasks

  • Through an initial on-boarding protocol the intern will learn basic principles of the insurance industry, related to products for families, businesses, and farms. The associate will also be taught how to navigate the technology platforms of major insurance companies, such as Nationwide, Progressive, and Columbia.
  • The associate will then become responsible for non-licensed insurance tasks, such as responding to requests for policy information from banks and financial institutions, making required updates to clients' policies, or generating price comparisons between various insurance companies.
  • Responsibilities will include additional office work as assigned.

Part B) Marketing management

  • Upon completion of on-boarding, the intern will become fully responsible for managing the online presence of Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. This body of work will include:
  • Regular interactions with Bishop White's web management / SEO vendor, Insurance Technologies Corp.
  • Tracking progress and making adjustments to Bishop White's website, in order to optimize traffic to the site and gain a preferred position on search engines.
  • Weekly management of all social media platforms, including collecting, writing, and posting content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business.
  • Setting up additional social media platforms as necessary.
  • The marketing aspect of the internship will manage to a monthly Google analytics report.
  • Responsibilities may also include some traditional marketing, for instance creating mailers for existing clients, creating and distributing door hangers to local homes, or researching the value of disparate marketing campaigns.

The benefits of the Bishop White Internship Program go far beyond compensation. This position offers the opportunity to learn about the $600 billion domestic insurance industry, along with hands-on training and the "real world experience" that college interns regularly ask for. This position further offers the chance to manage the entire online presence of a small business. Finally, the Bishop White Internship Program will provide first-hand experience with a true start-up organization, entering the aggressive growth phase of its life cycle.


The Bishop White Internship Program is open to college or university students with graduation dates in June, 2022, or earlier (Juniors and Seniors). Successful candidates will have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, in addition to a demonstrated work and/or internship history. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and copy of official transcripts to