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Special Event Insurance in Des Moines IA & West Des Moines IA

Are you planning a large event like a wedding or birthday party? You probably will spend a lot of time planning, coordinating and checking all your boxes to make sure it goes off without a hitch. But, the fact of the matter is that no plan is perfect, and you should expect a few hiccups on the big day, even minor ones.  

However, if those minor problems turn into big headaches, you’ll want a mechanism to help you pick up the pieces and move on from the issue with minimal lasting effects. Having quality special event insurance in place will ensure that you are able to do so. 

Many people eliminate special event insurance as an unnecessary expense, but it’s critical protection that you should be able to turn to in challenging situations. Here at Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services we provide optimized benefits that will provide effective protection while keeping your budget in mind. 

We proudly serve residents of Des Moines  and beyond, and we’re committed to helping you design a quality special event insurance benefit that is convenient for you. 

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How Special Event Insurance Works 

When hosting a special event, you will spend a lot of time coordinating food, drinks, other vendors, music, tables and chairs, a venue and possibly even ticket sales. You will have to pay money out in advance to secure these services. Plus, your guests will expect you to put on a great event no matter what. In the event that something goes wrong, and you have to cancel the event, you will likely be letting a lot of people down, including yourself. 

Fortunately, special event insurance can help cover losses you may incur as a result of sudden event cancellation, or problems during the event itself. Your policy may include coverage for:  

  • Cancellation  
  • Postponement  
  • Damage to the venue by you or your guests, whether intentional or accidental  
  • Liability for guests’ safety  
  • Liability for guests’ vehicles, particularly if there’s valet parking  

All plans are customizable, and our agents are committed to working with you to ensure that you receive proper compensation in the event of a claim. We understand that you want your event to be unique, and we can make certain that your plan is perfectly tailored to the event it will serve. 

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