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Earthquake Insurance in Des Moines IA & West Des Moines IA

Earthquakes are among the most devastating natural disasters and may happen with little-to-no warning; in mere seconds, your home and property could be reduced to rubble. With these stakes in mind, you should ensure that you have adequate loss control measures in place. However, standard homeowners insurance policies typically do not include earthquakes as a covered peril, meaning you may require additional coverage.  

The dedicated staff at Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to help you understand earthquake insurance and acquire adequate coverage. Our agency proudly serves families, homeowners and individuals in the Des Moines & West Des Moines areas. Call us at 515-777-8540 to learn more or to get a personalized quote. 

What Is Earthquake Insurance? 

As its name suggests, earthquake insurance may provide critical financial protection for you and your property. Although the exact details of your coverage may vary, these policies typically include the following features:  

  • Dwelling and structure coverage—This coverage may help pay for damage sustained by your residence and other buildings on your property, such as detached garages and sheds. 
  • Contents coverage—This part of your policy may provide coverage for your belongings, including electronics, furniture and clothing.
  • Loss-of-use coverage—If an earthquake makes your home temporarily uninhabitable, this coverage may help pay for resulting expenses, including hotel accommodations and restaurant meals. 

In the wake of an earthquake, an adequate insurance policy may prove critical in limiting your financial losses.  

How Does Earthquake Insurance Work? 

Earthquake insurance policies may be customized to suit your needs, preferences and budget. By working with a qualified insurance professional, you can determine suitable details of your policy, such as its coverage limits, premiums and deductibles. While earthquake insurance may be purchased as a standalone policy, it may also be possible to add earthquake coverage as an endorsement of existing homeowners insurance.  

Get Earthquake Insurance Today 

Having adequate earthquake insurance is critical and procrastinating may have significant consequences. Request an online quote or call us at 515-777-8540 to get started today.