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Home Office Insurance in Des Moines, IA

Working from home is becoming the new norm for many Americans. When you work from home, your house becomes more than just a residence. Running any business out of your home means that the commercial assets housed there face unique liabilities. That’s why you must have customized home office insurance that is specific to your operations.  

With the help of the experienced agents at Bishop White Insurance, you’ll be able to put together a comprehensive insurance portfolio that will rush aid to you in times of need. 

Essential Benefits for Home Offices 

There are numerous types of coverage that you should incorporate into your home office insurance portfolio. These can include: 

  • Commercial Property Insurance 
  • Business Income Coverage 
  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage 
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance 
  • General Liability Insurance 
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance 
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance 
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance 
  • Inland Marine Insurance 

Of course, your business is different from anyone else’s, which is why your insurance portfolio must contain unique coverage. You can sort through the multitude of policies on the market to find the best ones for you. 

Why Do You Need Home Office Insurance? 

When you open a home business, your home becomes a commercial property. It might surprise you to learn that your homeowners insurance will only cover your residential assets, not those associated with your business. 

If you face a catastrophe at your home office, your commercial assets could sustain significant damage. Or, there’s also always a chance that an employee, customer or other party could sue your business over some harm that they allege you caused them. In any such case, your finances could take a huge blow, and your business could be at stake. The insurance benefits that you should be able to rely on to weather these storms must come from commercial insurance tailored for home office use. 

Working out of your home can be a rewarding, successful endeavor, so long as you take the appropriate steps to make your commercial assets secure. You can trust the experienced professionals at Bishop White Insurance to help you to meet that goal.  

We proudly insure home offices in Des Moines, IA and beyond. Let us be your partners, as well. Request a free quote now to get started.