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Jewelry Insurance in Des Moines IA & West Des Moines IA

If you have a piece or collection of jewelry that is particularly valuable to you, you want to ensure it’s properly protected. Although your homeowners or renters insurance policy may provide personal property coverage, your jewelry or collection of jewelry may exceed the limits of your coverage under your home insurance policy. That’s where jewelry insurance can be helpful.  

If you are looking for jewelry insurance in Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Des Moines IA and the surrounding areas, Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. is here to help. Call us today to get started. 

What Is Jewelry Insurance? 

Jewelry insurance is a specific property protection policy that helps to provide coverage for nearly all types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and more. Generally, it covers you against numerous circumstances, including: 

  • Damage  
  • Loss and disappearance 
  • Theft  

Jewelry coverage is not the same as jeweler warranties, and, in many cases, they are far more extensive in what they will cover too. You may need to have your insured items appraised to ensure that they’re properly insured. Work with Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. to find out what  

Get Jewelry Insurance Today! 

In certain cases, jewelry insurance policies can cover worldwide travel or offer discounted premiums for storing your jewelry in a bank vault. It’s important to speak to an agent at Bishop White Insurance & Financial Services, understand what jewelry insurance options are available for you. Contact us for a free jewelry insurance quote today to make sure your valuables are protected.