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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance Information

Earthquakes can strike anywhere in the United States, even in areas that don’t lie particularly close to fault lines. Quakes are unpredictable and can do a lot of damage even when they are relatively small and isolated. You don’t want your home to become a victim of such an event. But, since you can’t avoid the risk of a quake entirely, you want to be prepared nonetheless. 

To ensure your homeowners insurance policy will offer appropriate coverage against quakes, you must ensure that you have an appropriate earthquake insurance endorsement as part of the plan. Bishop White Insurance can help you get that coverage, and we’ll make sure that it is optimized to your benefit at all times. We offer policies for residents of Clive, IA and the surrounding areas and we will make sure that you can get yours customized to your specifications. 

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Understanding Earthquake Insurance 

An earthquake can happen without warning, and do a lot of property damage in just a few seconds. It’s only natural to want your homeowners insurance to cover the ramifications of this unexpected, unavoidable natural disaster. However, you might find that the standard terms of your policy won’t offer protection. Only the terms offered by earthquake insurance will provide this benefit. 

Most earthquake policies will contain: 

  • Dwelling and structure protection: Pays for repairs or reconstruction to your house.  
  • Personal belongings coverage: Helps you replace damaged belongings. 
  • Additional living expenses (ALE): You might have to temporarily vacate a damaged home. Let this coverage help you afford hotel bills or meals out during this time. 

Whether you face a couple of broken windows or severe structural damage, earthquake insurance can help.  

How Will Your Policy Pay? 

The only time that your home insurance might pay for quake damage is if the quake leads to an additional hazard in your home. For instance, if the quake triggers a house fire, then your home policy will pay. However, it is technically only paying for the fire damage, not the quake damage. Any damage done only by the quake itself will have to be covered by earthquake insurance. 


Earthquake insurance comes in various shapes and sizes. Your agent can help you determine the financial limits, premiums and deductibles that work for you. They’ll also help you select the most appropriate form of coverage. Often, you can add an earthquake rider to your existing homeowners insurance. In others, you’ll need a stand-alone earthquake policy.  

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